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Michael R. Meyer Web + Graphic Design of Berkeley, California creates professionally designed, highly-useable, compelling web sites for business and the arts.

art sites. mrm web design, berkeley, california. Do you need a professional, full-featured site to represent your small-to-medium size business? Do you want to promote and sell your services, products or artwork online? You probably know that to succeed you need an integration of professional design, compelling content, and technical functionality. Your budget probably doesn't allow hiring a staff of designers, advertising copywriters, programmers and system administrators to establish an attractive and compelling web presence, but outsourcing a project can have its own perils.

Perhaps you have heard stories of astronomical rates and interminable delays . . . and how difficult it can be to find a contractor willing to listen to and understand your needs. You might have tried off-shore contractors, home-grown amateurs, and fast-talking middlemen who promise you the sky for a bargain price, only to discover their unreliability and unprofessionality cost you more in time and added expensive than they are worth.

Michael R. Meyer is one of the best designers we have ever worked with. His reliability and responsiveness are second to none, and I never hesitate to recommend his services to colleagues or clients . . . he is truly a gem!

Loren Gonzalez-Kosmont
Pinnacle Strategies
Los Angeles

If this sounds like your situation, then you have finally discovered a team of reliable and seasoned professionals concerned about your needs, with the experience needed to think ahead and anticipate what it takes to make your web project a success. Have a look at our web design portfolio, then review our web site packages and our wide range of services, including web and graphic design, programming, copywriting and promotion. You may also want to take a deeper look at what's involved in creating effective business sites and to learn about our commonsense approach to eCommerce.

If you are an artist looking for a web presence to showcase your work, we can provide you with the design and technology your talent deserves. We are experts at producing gallery and museum quality online portfolios which place you and your work in the best light. With a site designed and developed by MRM Web Design of Berkeley, your portfolio pages will not only look great, they will load exceptionally fast. Learn more about our online galleries and portfolios for artists, performers, and creatives.