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The Challenge of the 15 Second Window

About 70% of all visitors to any web site will leave the site within the first 15 seconds of the visit.

MRM Web Design and Development aims to place you and your business in the best light – first web page and every web page. We know the importance of making a good first impression. Our years of experience in graphic design and advertising enable us to effectively and consistently communicate your message and to showcase your company's products and services in the best possible light. Decades of user interface design and computer programming experience stand behind every robust and easy-to-use web site we develop.

In my opinion, MRM Web Design does the classiest job, with attention to detail and perfection. Everything on the web site is so organized and easy to find. I‘m a very satisfied client!

Donna Moore, President
The Yellow Umbrellas

The harsh reality of the web is your site has only a few seconds to make a positive impression and to capture a visitor's interest. Losing a prospective who has never heard of your business before landing on your site is bad enough; it's even worse when an ineffective web site turns-off someone visiting it in response to a referral or advertising. Indeed, an unprofessional, shoddy web site will cause prospective customers and clients to think your company, and its products or services, may be equally shoddy and unprofessional.

We custom design every site we undertake to meet the unique needs and requirements of a particular client, and we want you as our next client. Have a look at our portfolio to see what we can do, and checkout our web site packages for businesses to get an idea of our rates. Read about the design process and how to prepare for the web to see what's involved in creating a web presence. You'll also want to learn about our design philosophy and the MRM Approach to web design and development.

If your business needs an eCommerce site, learn what's involved in selling your products online and checkout our cost-effective eCommerce packages.

 See our business site packages and discover exceptional quality and value.

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Managing a Business Site Project

While the links above provides most of the information you'll need to prepare your web site project, a few additional points apply especially to web site projects for businesses.

 Keep the number of people involved in the decision-making process to a minimum. Draw input from a broad base, but try to limit decision-making to one or two key individuals.

 In the instance of small businesses and professional services, we prefer the principal to take charge of the web project.

 Mid-size businesses and professional corporations are best served by delegating management of the web project to the most experienced person appropriate in the organization, such as the Vice-President or Director of Marketing, Advertising, Information or Public Relations.

 The smoothest organizational plan for your web project is one in which the web designer works directly with the principal decision-makers and content developers. The corporate departments most closely involved with a web project are usually Marketing, Advertising, Information, and Public Relations.