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a small sampling of our web design work

Michael R. Meyer Web + Graphic Design provides world-class web sites for business and the arts. Have a look at the small sampling of our work over the years, then see our web site packages to discover exception quality and value. Please feel free to contact us for a web site proposal tailored to your special requirements.

The Yellow Umbrellas

The Yellow Umbrellas, located on the San Buenaventura State Beach in Ventura, brings the Rivera to the southern California coast. In the Spring of 2005 we began development on a fresh, new web design for The Yellow Umbrellas. Our associate photographer captured the unique experience of the location and brought satisfaction to the client, who felt her customers needed to experience her umbrellas even before they arrived on the beach.

In my opinion, MRM Web + Graphic Design does the classiest job, with real attention to detail and perfection. Everything on the web site is so organized and easy to find. I'm a very satisfied client!

Donna Moore, President
The Yellow Umbrellas Company
The Sabian Assembly

The Sabian Assembly, with continuous activity since 1923, is dedicated to the adventure of an increasing mastery of self and the world. The Assembly came to MRM Web Design for the creation of a large, content rich site incorporating articles, books and an arts and crafts gallery. The Sabian Assembly site additionally includes a protected members only section were monthly lessons and archival materials may be securely viewed and downloaded by members.

"After this morning's visit to sabian.org, the word that comes to mind is 'Grand!' It's a word that's gone somewhat out of style since the all-inclusive "great" usage started getting so watered-down . . . The site's organization is excellent. All content, graphical and otherwise, is outstanding.

A Sabian Assembly Board Member
Linda Kunik Artist

Linda Kunik is a Los Angeles painter, photographer and installation artist whose work deals with environmental issues, formalism and globalization. Linda Kunik's art site includes four galleries, each focusing on a particular area of Linda's unique work. The site also incorporates an extensive "Press" section with reviews of Linda's work and exhibitions.

Trufflehound's Fine Chocolates

Located in Ventura's Downtown Cultural District, Trufflehound's Fine Chocolates is Southern California's home of world-class chocolates. This brochure site is an example of the outstanding design values and full service we provide - from site design and development to copywriting and product photography. MRM Web Design and Development can do it all!

Visit the attractive site we developed for Trufflehounds Fine Chocolates and get an idea of how appealing and irresistible we can make your product.

MRM Web Design gave me the clean and elegant look so appropriate for my gourmet chocolate business. It's so clear and easy to navigate, and above all it is just what I was looking for. They had patience with my tight schedule and knew what I needed before I asked. I am so pleased!

Claudia Gilman
Trufflehound's Fine Chocolates
Access Cabinets

The site MRM Web Design created for Access Cabinets demonstrates the versatility of our Avant Folios sites. The Access Cabinets site uses the user-friendly functionality of our art sites to attractively display a range of kitchen improvement services and products. The site includes a number of "gallery" pages enabling prospective clients to easily view a large number of product styles, colors and materials.
    We can use the look-and-feel of our Avant Folios to meet the requirements of a broad range of services and products, and Avant Folios sites can include eCommerce functionality, making it easy for users to order or pay for your goods and services.

Palm Desert County Club

The site we are developing for the newly reconstructed Palm Desert Country Club is still under construction, but enough has been completed to make it worth a look. For this project, the top of each web page features a different photo of The Palm Desert Country Club Golf Course, with the home page showing the golf course against a spectacular backdrop.

The Rudhyar Archival Project

The Rudhyar Archival Project is a vast site dedicated to the work of Dane Rudhyar (1895-1985) – avant-garde composer, abstract artist and philosopher of wholeness. The Archival Project currently includes an illustrated biography, many online books, loads of articles, an art gallery and much more.

The Rudhyar Archival Project, like all of the sites shown here, is entirely designed and developed by MRM Web + Graphic Design.

Ken Wise Photography

For the artist site of Ken Wise Photography, we created a Flash-based online gallery and slideshow with a unique custom design which makes the most of Ken's spectacular wilderness photography. A minimalistic soundtrack and the use of large, very wide photos gives the viewer a sense of "being there". Ken Wise Photography features five nature scene collections.

MRM Web + Graphic Design took my old lackluster web site and skillfully and rapidly transformed it into something for which I am very proud. Everyone is impressed by its beauty and professionalism. Even my photography is enhanced by its clean and elegant look. I am 100% satisfied with the entire experience.

Ken Wise, Photographer
Ventura, California
The Fifteen-Minute Meditator

The Fifteen-Minute Meditator is an alternate version of Mediate for Calm Awareness, named and packaged to appeal to a younger, on-the-go market looking for a quick-and-easy meditation and stress-relief system. The site emulates the open, fresh and clean look of the product design.

Like all of our newer sites, the Fifteen-Minute Meditator uses the latest CSS technology built into modern browsers. In Addition to web design, MRM Design also designed and produced the entire product, including the CD label, case cover and the accompanying 28-page booklet.

Pinnacle Strategies

Pinnacle Strategies, Inc. is a Los Angeles public relations and advocacy firm with clients in the Health Care, Real Estate, Non-Profit and Public Works sectors. As a service-based firm, Pinnacle Strategies needed a clean, business-like identity and a straight-forward, content-driven website. Working closely with the firm's principal, Loren Gonzalez-Kosmont, we designed a new logo and corporate identity package, as well as developed a web site for Pinnacle Strategies.

Michael R. Meyer is one of the best designers we have ever worked with. His reliability and responsiveness are second to none, and I never hesitate to recommend his services to colleagues or clients. Michael's attentiveness to client needs is a quality that is difficult to find in the service industry - he is truly a gem!

Loren Gonzalez-Kosmont
Pinnacle Strategies
Meditate for Calm Awareness

Meditate for Calm Awareness is a highly aesthetic and appealing site dedicated to a doctrine-free meditation and stress-reduction practice originated by our associate designer, Sarah Kalvin. MRM Design not only designed the web site for Meditate for Calm Awareness, we also designed and produced the entire product, including the CD label, case cover and the accompanying 28-page booklet.

Cynthia MacAdams - The Soul of Photography

Cynthia MacAdams - The Soul of Photography, is an example of what we can do for established artists. The site required world-class design values and a presentation that would convey an appropriate tone and aesthetic to museum curators and gallery owners. We chose a clean, minimalistic design that anyone connected with a museum or an art gallery would recognize as quality. This site is one of our early web projects.

When friends first suggested I needed a web site, I was entirely computer illiterate and had only a vague notion of what the internet was about. Michael R. Meyer guided me through every step of making my online gallery a reality. Significantly, it was he who, after viewing my photos of friends and acting colleagues, suggested adding the 20th Century Icons section to my online gallery, which is responsible for bringing hundreds of new visitors to my site daily.

Michael possesses not only design skills of a very high caliber, but also has an uncanny insight into the artist's intent. Thanks to him, my work has reached a much wider audience than I ever thought possible.

Cynthia MacAdams
Author of Emergence, Rising Goddess, and Mayan Quest